Week of December 05, 2016

The President’s Corner

December 05, 2016

Hello Rotaract and Friends! The Holidays are upon us. Hopefully you have finished up your shopping. If not, feel free to add me to your list. I would be happy to send you my Amazon wish list…

This is a busy week for Rotaractors: On December 3rd, we volunteered alongside the Downtown Rotaract at the Holiday Festival at the Prime Osbourne Center, this Tuesday we have a Board Meeting, Thursday we have a Membership Meeting, and Saturday is the annual Holiday Party.

Be sure to join us on Thursday at River City Brewing at 6:15 PM for the only Membership Meeting in December. We will be joined by Marshall Butler, Rotary District 6970 Governor. Come early for Happy Hour and socialization. Dinner afterwards will be at Indochine in San Marco.
-Tony B

Membership Spotlight

Take a moment to learn more about one of our members: Katie Pollari


Katie Pollari – currently serves as our Club Secretary.

B.S. Marketing, Florida State University

Proposal Writer, Pontoon Solutions

What does your job entail?
In a nutshell, my company manages Fortune 500 companies’ HR needs. Companies outsource their staffing and recruitment processes to us to save time and money. As a proposal writer, I collaborate with the sales team and various other teams within Pontoon to respond to bids sent out by potential clients. They ask a bunch of questions and I answer them!

What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?
I usually end up near the beach in my free time – suntanning, drinking, or going to church – three things you probably wouldn’t expect to be in the same sentence! I also enjoy practicing yoga (which used to be on the beach, but my instructor/friend moved away).

If you weren’t currently in your occupation, what would you be doing (your dream job)?
The dream job question is always a tough one because I have many interests and dislike the idea of being pinned down in one place. I get a bit of entrepreneurial spirit from my parents, so owning my own business has always been a dream/goal of mine. Not sure what type of business I would like to own, but when I find out, I’m sure y’all will know about it!

Why did you join Rotaract?
t’s tough making friends in Jacksonville! I also needed a reason to stay here (other than my job), so giving back to the community was a perfect way to do so.

What is your favorite Rotaract memory?
Though I’ve known y’all for less than a year, I’ve made some awesome friendships in such a short amount of time. I LOVED the HabiJax event. Not only was it my first event, it was also FLURRYING outside, so I can’t forget it. I’m hoping we do it again this year and if it’s cold, this FL girl will be better prepared!

What is your current goal or ambition?
There’s so many, where to start! A constant goal is: learn how to “adult” better.

Your alter ego name: self-given or given by others. Or best nickname?
I have many nicknames so it depends on who you ask. Top 3: KP, Kit Kat, and Spiffy Kiffy (a nickname my father made for me when I was younger – don’t ask what it means because frankly, I don’t know) 🙂


Community Service

We had a great time volunteer with Downtown Rotaract at the Senior Citizen Holiday Festival. I never worked as a server, but I have new respect for those that do. If you could not make it to this event, please make every effort to attend the January service event (and each there after). Our club is based on networking AND service.

We typically work with Habitat for Humanity in January. More information to follow as details are finalized.


-Save the date: Rotaract Holiday Party – December 10th Starting at 5PM.

This member’s only (with a plus 1) event will feature food, fun, and a gift exchange. Please RSVP with Jordan Hollis. Wicked Barley Brewery is just down the road and may be an excellent way to end the celebration…

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