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The President’s Corner

November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving is upon us – mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and turkey. If you’re like me, then this time of year means travel to spend time with family. Stay safe and enjoy the time off!

Due to the holidays, the November 24th and December 22nd membership meetings are cancelled. However, please join us on December 8th to get your Rotaract fix. We will be joined by Marshall Butler, Rotary District 6970 Governor.


Member Spotlight

Take a moment to learn more about one of our members: Sara Corrigan

Sara Brown – I mean Corrigan – currently serves as our President Elect. She is recently married, and decided that wedding planning didn’t stress her out. So, she is also planning the Black Tie Blue Jeans Gala!

Flagler College, Communication with an emphasis in media production

Marketing Assistant / Far East Brokers

What does your job entail?
I work for Far East Brokers where my actual title is “marketing assistant” but I do more business related tasks than marketing. The company’s main focus is supplying grocery stores throughout the United States, primarily east coast, with nonperishable goods. Those cheesy Valentine bags you see at Publix? You’re welcome!

What do you do for fun?  What are your hobbies?
I run during my lunch hour at work. I wouldn’t call that fun but I’m slowly getting to that point where I can trick myself into thinking it is. My hobbies are learning to cook and do puzzles while listening to audio books (I’m super cool).

If you weren’t currently in your occupation, what would you be doing (your dream job)?
My dream job would entail some sort of event planning wrapped up with video editing. I get a kick out of a well-organized spreadsheet (ask anyone who has seen the galaspreadsheets) and I love editing footage. In high school, I took a TV production class which led me to pursue media production. What I learned in this class is that creating a final story requires you to think ahead and literally draw out your ideas so you can later translate it while filming and then while editing. I actually still have some of these storyboards and have a binder full of them from college that I never fully filmed.

Why did you join Rotaract?
I joined Rotaract because I wanted to fall back in love with Jacksonville. After college, my friends either stayed in St.Augustine or moved far away. I needed to find friends that would show me that Jacksonville is more than just the beach bars.

What is your favorite Rotaract memory?
I have always said that my favorite Rotaract memory isn’t an event, but a feeling. I can’t pinpoint one thing and call it my favorite but I know that whenever I go to RotaractI have this feeling of happiness mixed with humbleness. It’s a good feeling to be surrounded by friends that are working to make Jacksonville a better place.

What is your current goal or ambition?
To have the best gala ever. April 22. Everyone be there. Buy your tickets and sell them to your parents. Thanks!

Your alter ego name: self-given or given by others. Or best nickname?
Before I was married, my initials were SB which a lot of people called me and some still do. But the best nickname I ever got was Spring Break ’09. I was interning for the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 and made good friends with the chefs (life tip- always make friends with the cooks in whatever line of work you’re in because free food will probably follow). The chefs started calling me Spring Break ’09 because of my initials and it stuck for the whole internship.

Community Service

Stay tuned for updates!


-Save the date: Rotaract Holiday Party – December 10th Time TBD

This member’s only (with a plus 1) event will feature food, fun, and a gift exchange.

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