2015 – 2016 Board of Directors

(effective 7/1/15 through 6/30/16)

President:Jen Suharmadji   Jenn

This is the club’s leader who works to ensure that its activities and projects are
successfully promoted and completed. They are responsible for club operations, delegating responsibilities to members, establishing meeting schedules and developing committees and nominating a member for the Scott Amos Member of the Year Award. They maintain a regular communication with the South Jax Rotary and the District Rotaract Representative.

Vice President and President-Elect: Tony BrazellTony
As assistant to the President, this person works to ensure goals and projects are carried out through the year, including membership growth and retention. They ascend to the office of President in the event of the President’s absence, and serves as vice-chair of the Club Service committee.

Secretary: Maggie Goodhart maggie
This person is responsible for creating and maintaining all club correspondence, including meeting minutes, membership roster, official calendar of events and post office box. They also serve as vice-chair of the PR committee.

Treasurer: Patrick Horvath
As collector and disburser of club funds, this person is responsible for financial stability of the club through budgeting, dues collection and bill paying.

Sergeant At Arms: Sabrina Rochelin
This is the person who liaisons with our meeting facility, prepares for meetings with signage and name badges, tracks attendance at all meetings, welcomes new members and guests at meetings, conducts charge to new members and distributes their certificates and pins.

Immediate Past President: Lucas Hildebrand Lucas
This person serves in a general advisory position to the board, serves as a backup to the president and vice president and is responsible for working with the gala chair to organize the upcoming Gala activities.

At Large Board Members: Mario Baugh and Sara Brown SaraMario
These positions represent the membership, submits entries for Rotary awards and serve as vice-chairs of the Professional Development, Community Service and Rotary Relations committees.


Club Service
Chair: Tatty Chavz

Club Service plans one social event each month; including the Hail and Farewell party in June, a Halloween party in October and an annual Holiday party in December. They are also responsible for arranging dinner after each meeting.

Community Service

Chair: Quang Ly

The Community Service chair plans at least one community service project each month and works with local organizations to ensure that different activities are planned each year. They are also responsible for planning the the annual Rotaract/Big Brothers Big Sisters picnic.

Professional Development
Chair: Krystal Martzkrystal

The Professional Development chair invites, introduces and arranges for speakers at every meeting, coordinates “Craft Talk” sessions at meetings and promotes ethics and integrity among members.

Technology and Public Relations
Chair: Andrew Smith

The Technology Committee develops and maintains the chapter website (jaxrotaract.org) by including all meeting dates and minutes, events and photos from events.  The Public Relations Committee creates and maintains a visual record of events throughout the year, including photos, printed materials and publicity. It also coordinates media exposure for many club activities and assures events are well documented with photographs.

Rotary Relations
Chair: Joe Jonesjoe

The Rotary Committee maintains a good working relationship with South Jax Rotary and other clubs in our District. They also coordinate the Rotary Mentoring program.

Chair: David DevieseDavid
The Sports Chair organized Rotaract involvement in team sports within the community.  They also coordinate sports events such as group participation in community race or attendance of local sports game.










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